Builders and Other Workmen

13.1 Where a Resident requires access to his property for workmen via the Garden, permission in writing must be sought from the Committee.  This will usually be granted only where no other means of access to the property is practicable.

13.2 Where such permission is granted by the Committee it will be subject to rules made by the Committee  [“the Builders Rules”], a copy of which should be provided by the Resident to the Workmen before the work requiring access commences.

13.3 The Workmen or the Resident by whom they are employed shall pay to the Hon Treasurer of the Committee a refundable deposit against loss or damage to any item within the Garden caused by the Workmen.  The level of the deposit will be set by the Committee in the Builders’ Rules and reviewed from time to time.   

13.4 The Resident on whose property the work is to be carried out shall be responsible for ensuring the Workmen’s compliance with the  Builders’ Rules and for any loss or damage caused by his or her Workmen.