Children’s parties the garden

A few points to remember:

1 A date should be agreed with the Garden Committee with sufficient warning.

2 No more than 20 guests

3 If other children happen to be playing in the garden they should be allowed/encouraged to join in any activities

4 There should be adult supervision at all times

5 Those in charge and any entertainers etc. should be aware of the garden rules and should ensure that the children do not run in the flower-beds etc.  Such games as hide and seek or treasure hunts are, therefore, not possible.

6 Any bouncy castles or other equipment must be fully insured and a copy of the insurance policy should be shown or faxed to the Hon Treasurer, James Lipton (see Garden Notice Board for contact details). In any event the parents organising the party must take full responsibility for all health and safety issues.  No such equipment should be in the garden for more than three hours and a must be under adult supervision at all times.

7 The organisers should ensure that there is as little disruption to other garden users as possible and should clean up immediately after the event, removing all the rubbish from the garden.  The rubbish bins are for occasional use for small items.

Stanley Crescent Garden Committee

April 2009


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