Please take time to read these.

These Bye-Laws supersede all others.

The Garden and Committee

The Garden was formed under the Kensington Improvement Act 1851.  The management of the Garden is vested in a Committee appointed annually by a meeting of rated inhabitants being hereinafter referred to as ‘The Garden Committee’ or ‘Committee’.

The Powers of the Committee

The Committee shall have full powers to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to ensure the proper care and attention of the Garden etc.,and the comfort and protection of persons entitled to use the same.

Persons entitled to use the Garden

The Garden is maintained and preserved as a pleasure garden, for the exclusive use and benefit of the several owners and occupiers for the time being of the houses surrounding the same.  No person other than an owner or occupier shall be entitled to possess a key of the gate of the Garden, and he shall not permit such a key to be given or lent to or used by any person except members of his household.  The key must be surrendered on ending residency.

Gates and Railings

No one shall climb over the railings or gates, or leave the gates unlocked.No householder may move or alter any of the gates or railings without the written permission of the Committee.

Trees, flower-beds, lawns, etc.

No one may climb trees or damage trees, shrubs or plants, pick flowers, damage or overturn seats, scatter stones on the lawns, dig in, cut up or damage the lawns, paths or flower-beds, walk on the flower-beds, remove the border stones or interfere with drains, draincovers, or any garden equipment.

Games, cycles, etc.

No one may play rough games, use hard balls, play with bows and arrows, catapults, sheath knives or other weapons.  Ball games can be played only on the centre lawn and no adult football is allowed.  Games equipment must be removed after play.  Lawns must not be used for games when wet.  Children may ride bicycles and tricycles whose wheels do not exceed 20 inches in diameter, but only on the paths.

Picnicking and small gatherings of up to 20 people are permissible but all such gatherings must end by 11.00 p.m. and all rubbish taken home.


Noisy, disorderly or anti-social conduct is forbidden, and every other practice likely reasonably to annoy the resident householders, or to interfere with their free use and enjoyment of the Garden.  Radios, musical instruments etc must not be played in the garden.

Hanging washing, depositing rubbish, etc.

No carpets or other articles of furniture shall be beaten or cleaned in any part of the Garden.  No dust or rubbish shall be swept or thrown into, or papers or glass scattered on, any part of the Garden; and no carpets, clothes or linen shall be exposed or dried in any part of the Garden, or on the railings or gates thereof.  No garden rubbish from private gardens may be put into the communal garden.

Domestic Pets

Domestic pets must be prevented from fouling the lawns, paths, flowerbeds or any other part of the garden and all faeces must be taken out of the garden.

Dogs shall not be brought into the Garden; but the Committee may refrain from enforcing this rule as against dogs belonging to the owners or occupiers provided that they are kept on a lead at all times.  They must be under the proper control of an adult who will be responsible for picking up any faeces.  Owners should do their utmost to ensure that the barking of their dogs does not disturb the peace of the garden.  All dogs must be registered with the Garden Secretary and a registration fee will be required.


Should a householder require access for builders they must seek permission from the Committee and a deposit will be required against possible damage.  No vehicles, cement mixers etc. may be brought into the garden.  Scaffolding may be carried through the gates but builders should not leave the gates open and unattended.


Every owner or occupier shall be deemed responsible for the due observance of these rules by every member of his household.


All damage done to the Garden or any property therein shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Committee by or at the expense of person who shall have actually done the same or caused it to be done.

Allowed and confirmed by H.H. Judge Marron, Q.C., Resident Judge, Blackfriars Crown Court on 2nd August 2011


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