Byelaws 2018, (keys, builders, parties, dogs etc).


Please take time to read these.  These Bye-Laws supersede all others.

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Stanley Crescent Garden Byelaws 2018

These Byelaws supersede all earlier versions.

  1. Definitions 

In these rules the following definitions apply:

“Garden” means Stanley Crescent Garden, administered under the care of the Committee in accordance with the Kensington Improvement Act 1851.

“Committee” means the sub-committee of the Garden Committee appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851.

“Resident(s)” means the owners and occupiers of properties surrounding the enclosed Stanley Crescent Garden who are entitled to access to the Garden in accordance with the provisions of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851.

“Workmen” means builders workmen or other contractors employed by a resident to carry out work to the resident’s own private property 

  1. Access to the Garden
    1. Access to the Garden is limited to Residents
    2. Subject to paragraph 4 below, Residents may invite  guests into the Garden; at all times the Resident will be responsible for the behaviour of the guest(s). 
    3. Those persons using the Garden, whether residents or guests, do so on the understanding that they will at all times comply with these byelaws.
    4. The gates to the Garden must be kept locked at all times when not in use. When in use for parties, open days or other such events, or to allow access to Workmen, the gates should be attended by a Resident or a responsible adult acting on his behalf.
    5. No one shall climb over the gates or railings
    6. No one shall alter or remove any of the gates or railings without the written permission of the Committee
  2. Keys to the Garden
    1. The Committee will issue keys to Residents who apply for them and to those contracted by the Committee to work on the maintenance of the Garden.  Applications from Residents should be made to the designated Committee member.
    2. Keys issued remain at all times the property of the Committee.
    3. A deposit may be required before a key is issued to a Resident.
    4. If any Resident ceases to qualify as a Resident he or she undertakes to return the key to the Committee and upon doing so shall be refunded any deposit paid for the key.
    5. Residents undertake not to loan or give Garden keys to any other person except members of the Resident’s household 
  3. Parties and Gatherings
    1. Picnicking and small gatherings of up to 20 people are permissible without the specific approval of the Committee, but such gatherings must not cause disturbance to the use and enjoyment of the Garden by other users, they must end by 11.00pm and all rubbish generated by the gathering must be removed from the Garden by 10.00 the following morning. 
    2. Children’s parties, that is where the majority of the guests are under the age of 14, are permissible where there are no more than 20 guests,  where the date is agreed with the Committee, and the Children’s Party Rules made by the Committee are complied with.
    3. Parties and gatherings of more than 20 people, or those involving  the playing of musical instruments must be approved in advance by the Committee. Such approval will be given where, in the opinion of the Committee, it is unlikely that the party or gathering will   cause disturbance to the use and enjoyment of the Garden by other users.  The Committee may impose conditions upon the person to whom approval is given.
  4. Children
    1. Any Resident who provides access to the Garden for any child or children shall at all times be responsible for their behaviour and shall ensure compliance by the child or children with these byelaws.
    1. Play is not permitted in the flowerbeds nor any activity which may cause damage to trees, plants, the lawn, the paths, drains, drain covers or garden equipment or cause undue disturbance to the use and enjoyment of the Garden by other users.
    2. Residents will be liable for any damage caused to any part of the Garden by their children.
  1. Games and Sports, including Football 
    1. Games and sports, including football are permitted in the Garden only where the following conditions are complied with:
      1. Games should be primarily for children but adults are permitted to join in.
      2. Teams should comprise no more than five on each side.
      3. Ball games are only permitted on the centre lawn and are prohibited in any part of that lawn marked as such by the Committee.
      4. Games should not be played when lawns are wet.
      5. Boots or studded footwear likely to damage the lawns should not be worn.
      6. Participants should ensure that no damage is caused to trees and plants in the Garden 
      7. Games should not be played after 8.00pm or dusk, whichever is the earlier.
      8. Games should not create excessive noise or endanger any other Garden user.
      9. Games should not be played where it is likely that the games will cause damage to any adjoining private garden.
  2. Bicycles  
    1. Bicycles and other wheeled devices may be used in the Garden if:
      1. They are not used on any lawn, flowerbed or in any shrubbery
      2. They are not ridden at speed 
      3. They are not left unattended within the Garden.
  3. Noise and Disturbance
    1. The playing of music and the use of sound amplification systems in the Garden shall not be permitted except where it is part of an organised event for which written permission has been given by the Committee. Residents must ensure that at all times noise is kept at a level which does not cause disturbance to other users of the Garden.
  4. Furniture, Equipment and Rubbish
    1. No carpets or articles of furniture shall be beaten or cleaned in any part of the Garden.  Picnic furniture and equipment together with any children’s toys, crockery, cutlery and other equipment must be removed from the Garden at the end of each day.
    2. No washing or other items shall be hung in the Garden to dry.
    3. Residents shall not place or permit to be placed any garden rubbish from private gardens in the Garden. 
    4. All users of the Garden shall be responsible for removing any rubbish or other item brought into the Garden by them preferably by removing it from the Garden. Rubbish bins may only be used for small, non-food waste and not for nappies or other  personal care products.
  5. Dangerous Items and Fires
    1. No fires may be lit in the Garden except as part of an organised event for which permission has been given by the Committee or where the fire is to burn garden waste where the Committee deems this to be necessary. 
    2. The use of barbeques and other cooking equipment in the Garden is prohibited except as part of an organised event for which permission has been given by the Committee.
    3. No dangerous equipment such as bows and arrows, catapults, sheath knives, hard balls or similar items shall be brought into or used in the Garden.
    4. The use of drones, radio controlled aircraft and similar items in the Garden is prohibited unless it is approved by the Committee. 
  6. Dogs and cats 
    1. Only dogs that have been registered in compliance with paragraph 11.2 below shall be permitted to enter or remain within the Garden.
    2. Residents may register dogs under their care by completing a dog registration form and lodging it with the Committee member responsible for dogs. A registration fee will be charged.
    3. Dogs that have been registered with the Committee are permitted to use the Garden provided that at all times the Resident to whom the dog is registered ensures that when the dog is in the Garden the following rules are complied with:
      1. The dog must be accompanied by a responsible person 
      2. The dog must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.  Any dog the Committee considers dangerous must be muzzled.  
      3. The dog must wear a tag bearing the name of the dog’s owner and a contact telephone number.
      4. The faeces of the dog must be cleared up and removed from the Garden by the person accompanying the dog..

11.4 Dogs that have been registered with the Committee must be wormed regularly. 

11.5 The Committee may refuse to allow a dog that has been registered with the Committee access to the Garden if the Committee considers that the Resident to whom the dog is registered is in breach of the rules set out in paragraphs 11.3 or 11.4 above.

11.6 Residents’ cats must wear a tag bearing the name of the cat’s owner and contact telephone number. 

12. Damage to Trees, Foliage and Paths etc 

12.1 Save when specifically sanctioned by the  Committee, no person using the Garden shall cut, trim or displace any soil, turf or plant within the Garden nor pluck any bud, blossom, flower or leaf of any tree or plant, nor climb any tree in the Garden.

12.2 No person using the Garden shall damage or overturn seats, scatter stones on the lawn, dig in, cut up or damage the lawns, paths, or flowerbeds, remove the border stones or interfere with drain covers or any garden equipment. 

12.3 In the event that any area is fenced off by or on behalf of the Committee, no person shall use that area.

13. Builders and Other Workmen

13.1 Where a Resident requires access to his property for workmen via the Garden, permission in writing must be sought from the Committee.  This will usually be granted only where no other means of access to the property is practicable.

13.2 Where such permission is granted by the Committee it will be subject to rules made by the Committee  [“the Builders Rules”], a copy of which should be provided by the Resident to the Workmen before the work requiring access commences. 

13.3 The Workmen or the Resident by whom they are employed shall pay to the Hon Treasurer of the Committee a refundable deposit against loss or damage to any item within the Garden caused by the Workmen.  The level of the deposit will be set by the Committee in the Builders’ Rules and reviewed from time to time.   

13.4 The Resident on whose property the work is to be carried out shall be responsible for ensuring the Workmen’s compliance with the  Builders’ Rules and for any loss or damage caused by his or her Workmen. 

14. Liability for safety and damage

Residents are responsible for the safety of themselves and their guests while using the Garden. The Committee maintains public liability insurance but residents may be required to pay for damage to the Garden, or property therein, caused by the Resident or his guest(s) when using the Garden, or any consequential  loss to the Committee caused thereby.

15. Rule-making powers

The Committee shall have the power to make rules and regulations as may be necessary to ensure the proper care, management and regulation  of the Garden and the comfort and protection of persons entitled to use the same.

Approved by the Stanley Crescent Garden Committee at its Annual General Meeting held on 18 October 2018 at St. John’s Church, Lansdowne Crescent,  London W11 2NN.

Signed by Jacqueline Lane Jenkins,  Chairman  ………………………………………….


These byelaws were allowed and confirmed in accordance with Section 45 of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851 by the Resident Judge of Isleworth Crown Court, 36 Ridgeway Road, London TW7 5LG

on the 5th day of February 2019

Below is the original signature on the document:

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